Family Law

Family Law is Guidance in Challenging Times

Family law is about a lot more than monthly checks and financial obligations. It is about taking the steps necessary to build a better tomorrow for yourself and those of your children by achieving practical legal solutions that honor your interests and rights under the law, and provide you with the financial stability and familial connections you need and deserve.

Your Family Lawyer When Needed the Most

At Homan Legal, we work with divorcing spouses and parents to guide them to positive legal outcomes during what is often the most financially and emotionally challenging time of their life. Whether you are seeking a family law remedy or responding to a family law action, our family law attorneys will be by your side to help you reach your goals and move on with stability and dignity.

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How We Assist Our Clients

  • Litigating Contested Divorce Matters
  • Negotiating Settlement Agreements
  • Establishing Paternity
  • Facilitating Uncontested Divorces
  • Creating Prenuptial Agreements
  • Enforcing Divorce Orders
  • Litigating Custody Modifications
  • Modification of Spousal Maintenance
  • Modification of Child Support
  • Same-sex Family Law Issues

Reaching Practical Solutions

It is often the case that people enter into family law situations with the idea that having “no lawyers” is somehow an ideal option. This is no doubt based on the caricatures of unscrupulous family law attorneys who make things worse for all parties involved by creating tension, drama, and arguments, all at your expense. At Homan Legal, our approach to family law could not be further from this sad (and yet sometimes true) characterization. Our mission is to work with you to reach the most beneficial outcome for you in your case, and we always aim to save costs and reduce drama by using practical and innovative methods to reach agreements wherever possible.

While we do primarily pursue options that save our clients money and foster ongoing harmony through amicable negotiation and agreement, we always know that litigating complicated matters – especially when difficult personalities are involved – is sometimes required, and we are prepared to take all necessary steps to achieve the most optimal outcome for you and your children through the years to come, whether inside or outside of the courtroom.

Practice Areas

At Homan Legal, we have consistently achieved outstanding results for our clients across a wide variety of practice areas. Click on an area below to learn more about our practice.