Estate Planning

What Are Charitable Trusts?

If you have highly appreciated assets, want to give to a charity, and still would like receive income for yourself or for your heirs, you should explore the Charitable Trust. The Charitable Trust is a fantastic tool to use as part of your family estate planning process. Make a phone call and contact Indiana Estate Planning Attorneys Homan Legal at 317-941-6996 today!

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5 Reasons to Have a Will or an Estate Plan

Why do you need a will? Be it a gift to charity, an advanced care directive, final control of your estate, or to just make life easier on your loved ones after you die, are reasons why you need a will. Call Indianapolis Estate Planning Attorneys, Homan Legal at 317-941-6996 to help you draw out your will today.

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Indiana Laws Regarding Wills and Estates

Most people have an estate. No matter how large or how small an estate is when you die, there is the need for an orderly transfer of the estate. Indiana has very specific laws regarding wills and estates, call Homan Legal at 317-941-6996 for help in understanding Indiana laws regarding wills and estates today!

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