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          Aviation power supply​

          Category:Aviation equipment.


          Product Details:

          Aviation power supply

          AN17 series 90KV,120KV,180KV aircraft ground static power supply has the following technical characteristics:

          1) Twelve-pulse rectification technology, low distortion of input current, high power factor, and low pollution to the power grid;
          2) Adopting pure digital control, high-frequency SPWM wave and full-bridge inverter technology, the whole machine has high efficiency;
          3) Strong overload capability, support up to 200% current overload;
          4) Excellent output stability and fast dynamic response;
          5) Complete protection functions to ensure the normal operation of the power supply equipment and the safety of the load;
          6) Can store up to 1000 error messages, quickly locate the cause of the fault through the fault code;
          7) Black box function (the most recent 200 error messages), query the internal and external parameters of the power supply when the fault occurs;
          8) Total output time and total power loss; record the user's recent 200 operation records.
          9) LCD display. The interface is clear and intuitive, and the operation is simple and easy to use.

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