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          Diffusion hydrogen tester

          Category:Material Test


          Product Details:


          A carrier gas thermal extraction method for diffusible hydrogen analysis is used to determine the diffusible hydrogen content in different samples. The instrument is equipped with a fast-heating infrared furnace and a dedicated quartz tube is used for sample heating. It can realize the analysis of large samples, and adopts a patented fully automatic gas calibration system, which can be calibrated with pure hydrogen or pure helium. The core of the system is a high-sensitivity, long-term and stable thermal conductivity detector. The detector can detect low-level diffusible hydrogen and achieve less than 50 ppb. Detection of ultra-low content diffusible hydrogen in high-strength steel The carrier gas thermal extraction method diffusive hydrogen analyzer conforms to international and domestic standards such as ISO 3690, AWS A4.3, GB / T 3965-2012.


          The analyzer has fast analysis speed and automatic operation;
          Infrared furnace that can be quickly heated to 900 ° C, with programmed heating function

          Can adapt to EN / ISO 3690 and AWS A4.3, GWA4.3, GB / T3965-2012 and other standards for the analysis of large-sized solder bumps;
          Equipped with a thermal conductivity detector with excellent sensitivity and stability

          Patented gas calibration system guarantees linearity over the full measuring range. Meet the application range of high and low content; optional analysis result output format ppm or ml / 100 g;
          Adjustable analysis time;
          Analysis of large volume samples;
          Pre-saved sample weight;
          Control analysis operation by computer;
          Retrievable data storage, analysis results evaluation;

          The analysis speed is fast, and the results of one analysis test are about 3-20 minutes.

          The infrared furnace uses a gold-plated inner surface to reflect the infrared light source, which can directly heat the sample. The heating rate is fast, the circulating water is cooled, and the temperature is quickly reduced, which can meet the rapid analysis requirements.

          The infrared furnace has a program-controlled temperature function. The temperature curve can be set freely through software, and the hazards and kinetic processes of diffusing hydrogen can be studied in depth.

          Maximum sample weighing: 200g, which allows large-volume samples to enter, can improve the representativeness of sampling, and reduce weighing errors to improve accuracy.

          Pretreatment of samples according to GB / T3965-2012

          Laboratory environmental requirements:

          Carrier gas: N2 minimum purity 99.999% pressure 2 bar
          Cooling water (for infrared furnace only): about 1L / min
          Dimensions and weight: 700x 650 x 700 mm

          Power supply: 220 ACV ± 10V, 50HZ during analysis

          Software: based on win7 system with automatic diagnosis and automatic correction, result statistics, curve comparison, signal level export. Various functions such as automatic temperature setting analysis.

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