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          Category:Cable testing equipment


          Product Details:

          The KSM-System consists of a specially developed measurement box combined with a PC,special developed ready to use application PC imaging gauging software and an imaging card.The measuring time is only 1-3 seconds and the accuracy 0.05%. (1/2000 of the image field) , repetition 0.2%;The measurement box is at the same time protection from outside light and contains illumination as back light and possibly also over light (option). Camera/Optic is located a long distance from the samples avoiding wrong measuring. The cables samples to be measured are easy handled on measuring glass plates sliding on glass.

          1. Alternative 1d, Measurement box KSM5/25HR/75HRF including

          3  CCD-cameras with Fix-optics type KSM5/25/75HRF

          Image field     Camera 1    1  - 5 mm    Minimum wall0.1 mm

          Camera 2    5  - 25 mm  Minimum wall0.2 mm

          HRCamera 3   25 -75 mm   Minimum wall0.3 mm

          2、Alternative 1d, Measurement box KSM12/55HR/140HRF including

          3 CCD-cameras with Fix-optics type KSM12/55HR/140HRF

          Image field     Camera 1       2 - 12 mm     Minimum wall0.1 mm

          HR Camera 2     12 - 55 mm     Minimum wall0.3 mm

          HR Camera 3     55  -155mm    Minimum wall0.5 mm

          This HR camera has approx. 2 times as many pixels as the normal camera thus giving higher accuracy. It is then possible to locate smaller walls like in HV Cable’s conductor and insulation screens.

          Please tell us your min and max diameters to be measured to adapt for your true need.

          Easy usable Image gauging - program enclosed for measuring of;

          RG Round cable General min 1 layer as per IEC811-1-1

          RL Round cable Local min with grows 1 layer as per IEC811-1-1

          CW Cable Wall

          M Manual measuring of complete samples

          CAL1 Password protected Calibration program including calibration units

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