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          Xigo NMR

          Category:Material Test


          Product Details:

          NMR A new paradigm in particle analytics

          The Acorn Area™ is designed to measure the wetted surface area of nanoparticles in liquids. This patented (NMR) based method offers many advantages in comparison with conventional surface area techniques. Measurements take about 5 minutes from start to finish. No sample preparation— such as drying or degassing— is required. High concentration samples are measured directly, without dilution. Acorn Area measurements are orders of magnitude faster than any other surface area measuring technique.

          Model: Acorn Area

          Measuring range: 0.1m2 / g ~ 2500m2 / g
          Typical accuracy: 0.01 ~ 0.03
          Accuracy: ± 0.02
          Connection: USB to computer / notebook
          Power: 100v ~ 220v, 3A, 50/60 Hz
          Size: 47 cm long, 26 cm wide, 19 cm high
          Weight: 7 kg
          Optional: XiGo170 temperature control accessories (15 ℃ ~ 40 ℃)
          Accessories: original standard samples, control software

          1) T1 relaxation time test, wet specific surface area calculation
          2) T2 relaxation time test, wet specific surface area calculation
          3) T2 relaxation time test over time