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          Dispersion Analyser

          Category:Material Test


          Product Details:

          LUMiSizer is the only laboratory that integrates all analytical and characterization instruments into a complete study of dispersed systems. No need to know any material data to analyze the sedimentation / suspension rate distribution of the pellets at 4 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, semi-concentrated and wide viscosity range. Provides high-precision particle size distribution. Whether water-based, non-water-based, Newtonian, or non-Newtonian systems, you can analyze the effects of concentration, particle shape, and colloidal chemical forces on particle size distribution and stability. Accurately measure and predict the behavior of ideal and non-ideal particles.

          1. Analysis principle:
          The centrifugal acceleration method is used to accelerate the particle movement and record the change in light penetration to determine the particle's movement speed, particle size, and particle distribution in the solution under natural conditions. And can use these data to predict the warranty period and storage time and storage conditions.
          2. Technical characteristics:
          2.1 Sample analysis range:
          2.1.1 Sample concentration range: 0.00015Vol% ~ 90Vol%;
          2.1.2 Sample density range: up to 22 g / cm3;
          2.1.3 Sample viscosity range: 0.8 ~ 108mPas;
          2.1.4 Sample particle size range: 10nm ~ 1000μm.
          2.2 Test sample volume: 0.05ml ~ 2ml.
          2.3 Gravity simulation and recording: 6g ~ 2300g.
          2.4 Analysis time: 8 min ~ 42hr.
          2.5 Recording interval of light transmission: 10s ~ 600s.
          2.6 Complies with ISO / TR 13318-2 and CFR 21 Part 11 standards.
          2.7 Provide STEP Technology® patent documents.
          2.8 Can perform clarification index analysis (stability analysis), light penetration change analysis, moving speed analysis, particle size analysis.

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